Prom Makeup for Pink Dress

Prom Makeup for Pink Dress

  • Eyeshadow primer (Your choice, and even a concealer will work in a pinch.)
  • A large shadow brush
  • A smaller, domed shadow brush
  • Blush brush
  • An angled eyeliner brush
  • A matte shade slightly lighter than your skin tone
  • Black gel liner
  • Lash curler
  • Volumizing/thickening mascara in black
  • Nude-pink blush (depth will vary based on your skin tone)
  • Your choice: creamy pinkish-nude lipstick or berry stain
  • Clear gloss (optional)

Get the look:

  1. Prep the lids with a primer that will hold your shadow on all evening. This can be concealer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion, etc.
  2. Using a large brush, sweep a matte shadow color that matches your skin tone from the lash line to the brow.
  3. Using a smaller, domed brush, apply another matte shadow that’s one to two shades darker than your skin tone into the crease, and blend out and up at the outer corner. It’s safest to go with a tan shade, but feel free to play around with gray or eggplant, applied lightly.
  4. Highlight just underneath the brow bone and at the inner corner of each eye with another matte shade that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.
  5. With an angled brush, apply black gel liner from the inner corner of your lashes to the outer corner, and make the line thicker as you move across to the outside of the eye.
  6. Curl your lashes and apply black volumizing and lengthening mascara to the top lashes only.
  7. For blush, choose a nude-pink tone for light to medium skin tones, or a mocha tone for darker skin tones. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and brush up and back toward the temples; the color should fade away as it reaches the hairline.
  8. Line the lips with a lip liner that matches your own lip color, and fill in the entire lip.
  9. Apply a creamy, pinkish-nude lipstick or a berry stain, and then apply a little clear gloss, if desired.

Makeup for Pearl Pink Dresses

If your dress is a bare wisp of pearl pink, you have many more options with your makeup. Some people call this color bashful. Think of it as a pink that is as pale as pink can get without being white. Many pearl pink dresses have some shimmer to them as well. Since this pink is almost a neutral color itself, you should be able to get by with wearing bolder makeup and turning the focus to your face. Remember that even though you do have to consider the color of your dress as you decide how you want to do your makeup, you shouldn’t actually match the makeup to the dress. Instead, choose colors that look best with your skin tone. Take a step back and evaluate the look as a whole. This is your chance to rock a smoky eye.

What you’ll need:

  • Shadow primer
  • Matte shadow that matches your skin tone
  • Large shadow brush
  • Dense brush or sponge-tipped applicator for smudging liner
  • Dark brown, gray, or maroon/burgundy shadow in a matte or satin finish
  • Light to medium matte or satin shadow shade in the same color family as the deeper shade you chose; think tan, light-medium gray, or a rosy pink
  • Pearly shadow that is lighter than your skin tone for highlighting
  • Thickening black mascara
  • Nude-pink blush
  • Creamy, rosy lip shade that’s slightly deeper than your own lip color
  1. Prep your lids with a shadow primer.
  2. Apply a matte shadow color from lash line to brow that matches your skin tone.
  3. Line your top lash line all the way across with a smudgy black liner.
  4. Smudge the liner up slightly, about halfway up to the crease. The color should be thick and rich at the base of the lashes, and then gradually fade as it goes up. Smudge the outer corner of the lower lashes with the last of the liner on the brush.
  5. Choose a dark brown, dark gray, or deep maroon/burgundy shade, and put it on top of the liner. Again, the majority of the pigment should be at the lash line and then fade up.
  6. In the crease, apply a slightly lighter shade that’s either in the same color family as the deeper shade you chose or a tan or brown shade that’s slightly darker than your skin tone. This means you’ll be using a tan, a light-to-medium gray, or a rosy tan shade.
  7. Just under the arch of the brow and at the inner corner of each eye, apply a pearly shade that’s lighter than your skin tone, and add an optional slight tinge of pink.
  8. If the intensity near the lashes doesn’t seem like quite enough, you can add more eyeliner and/or dark shadow.
  9. Line the inner lash lines with the same black kohl liner.
  10. Finish up with thickening black mascara.
  11. Use a nude-pink blush just along the cheekbones. Just above that area, apply the shadow you used for highlighting below the brow and inner corners. This will define your cheekbones and make them look gorgeous.
  12. Apply a creamy, rosy lip shade to finish off the look. Choose a color that’s similar to your own lip color, but slightly deeper. Keep the shade on your lips neutral so your eyes and lips don’t compete.

Rosebud Pink

Although the shades vary from season to season, you can almost always find a prom dress in a medium-pink hue. Medium pink can be a really difficult color to work with when it comes to choosing makeup. That’s because the shade can vary from one with a lot of blue undertones to one with peachy undertones. To complicate matters even more, some materials reflect differently under various types of light, which means that the undertones can seem to change depending upon where you are. Due to these issues, it’s best to stick with neutral shades when you wear a medium-pink dress. Unlike the bright pink prom dress, however, you can go for slightly bolder and deeper colors in most cases. It’s best to stick with browns and earth tones or perhaps some shimmery silver or gold that matches your jewelry.


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