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Mermaid Prom Dresses

Posted on December 15, 2014 – 02:18 pm

Style 62340M mermaid prom dressMermaid, as the name suggests, describes a evening gown with a shape similar to a mermaid. It is form-fitting at the bodice, and the skirt resembles a mermaid’s tail in silhouette. Although the mermaid skirt can range in size, a flare in the skirt is always a perfect choice for elongating your figure. Mermaid dresses give you a very curvy silhouette with a fitted bodice, and the dramatic hemlines make you look taller. Also, check out the mermaid prom dresses for curvy girls from the Fabulous collection.

style 48409M mermaid prom dress

A mermaid gown hugs the form of the woman wearing the dress and accentuates her beautiful curves. The dress is close-fitting until the knees where the skirt starts to flair out. Depending on the dress, the skirt may or may not be the same color or texture. Many people choose the mermaid gown because of the form-fitting nature and for the different variations of flare in the skirt. Each style of the mermaid dress offers different benefits and will flatter different body types.

Considering your flare-height and flare-width are significant factors in choosing a mermaid gown. If you want to create the illusion of an hourglass body shape, then you will want to choose a dress that flares out just at the hips. If you are looking for a wider or fuller flare, consider a flared mermaid skirt that layers tulle under the dress fabric or alone. A more traditional mermaid looks features a skirt that flares beginning at the knee.

Style 62248M mermaid dress Style 62248M - White mermaid dress 62341M aqua mermaid prom dress 62346M - Aqua mermaid prom dress


What are formal dresses long, or short? | Yahoo Answers

Usually long. But if this is for a dance then I would wear a short dress. For my school we have a formal dance coming up and you have the option to wear a long or short dress but like 85% of girls will wear a short dress(: Cuz they're easier to dance in.

How can I make short dress formal?

Short dresses can easily be made formal simply by choosing a dress made of elegant fabric that isn't too tight, and adding flair.

What are stores that sell short, formal dresses?

Formal Attire 580 North Main Street, Leominster, MA 01453-1806 (978) 537-4906 is a store that sells formal dresses. !

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