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Black Prom Style Dress

Ariel Winter's Senior Prom Dress Proves She Has a Prom Style Uniform

As any 18-year-old in America could tell you right now, teens are thinking about one thing and one thing only: PROM. And more specifically, what am I going to wear to it? Finding your dream gown can be challenging enough without taking into consideration all the other factors, such as how does this dress look in a selfie, how do I make sure no one else will be wearing the same one, and how in the world am I supposed to compete with a girl wearing a spot-on replication of Beyonce‘s Met Gala look? Thankfully, if you’re currently spiraling out into a tulle and sequin-induced mania, simply follow in Ariel Winter‘s well-dressed footsteps and find your own unique, tried-and-true prom style uniform.

Ariel Winter Senior Prom Dress Ariel Winter/Instagram

On her Instagram on Sunday night, Ariel revealed the dress she chose for this year’s senior prom. While most girls go full-blown Disney princess for the big night, considering that fantasy is already a daily reality for Ariel, what with her name and bright red mane, she decided to switch things up with a more sedate, sophisticated look for the evening. The actress wore a strapless, sweetheart neckline, black lace Xcite gown that looked oddly familiar.

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It turns out, this is almost the exact same dress she wore to last year’s prom—same lace overlay, same color palette, and same mermaid skirt (which seems only fitting).

In fact, these looks are so identical the easiest way to figure out time has passed between these two photos is a quick glance at the actress’s dad who appears to be Benjamin Button-ing thanks to his brown hair refresh.

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