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Black and Gray Prom Dresses

Prom Dress Guide

Black And Gray Prom

Is finding the perfect prom dress leaving you a little stumped? Are you left wondering why that glittering gown looked oh-so-glam on your bestie and not so hot on you? No need to fret, finding that fabulous frock is a cinch once you know what will work best to find a dress that is uniquely YOU!

The first key to finding the perfect prom dress, is finding one that fits your body type. There are four main body types: apple, pear, rectangle, and hourglass. The key to dressing like a prom pro is showing off your best assets while downplaying any potential problem areas.

Apple – Alluring ladies with an apple body type tend to be top heavy and carry their weight around their torso, which includes a full bust and waist. Apple body types also tend to have slender arms and legs. Apple bodies may want to avoid short tight dresses and any styles that draw attention to the midsection. Empire waisted dresses as well as gowns with strapless or plunging V-necklines are most flattering on this body type.

Shop These Styles for Apple Body Types

Pear – Gorgeous gals with a pear shape tend to have fuller hips and thighs and a smaller top. To flatter a pear shape, look for embellished and corset style tops, this helps draw the eye upwards. If you’re flexible on color choice, choose a gown with a darker skirt and a lighter top or with an all over print, both options will help even out the figure.

Shop These Styles for Pear Body Types

Rectangle — Lovely ladies with rectangle shaped figures have slender or athletic frames with very few curves. Therefore, you may want to create the appearance of a more curvaceous figure. To achieve this, you want to accentuate and cinch in a small waist while drawing attention to your bust. Choose a dress with a beaded or embellished bust or an empire waisted dress to draw the eyes upward. A fuller skirt can also even out the shape. Ball gowns and dresses with ruched or ornamented waists look amazing since they create a more even hourglass shape.

Shop These Styles for Rectangle Body Types

Hourglass — Divas with an hourglass figure are curvy but proportional. This makes this figure pretty easy to dress, but it is also important to keep the proportion of the ensemble balanced to not draw too much attention to the top or bottom. Corset dresses and more fitted mermaid styles look beautiful on hourglass ladies as it draws attention to your waist and bust. Strapless and one-shoulder gowns also look amazing.

Shop These Styles for Hourglass Body Types

Busty – Beautiful busty girls often have a difficult time shopping for formal dresses as they want something flattering and sexy yet comfortable and supportive. Here at Unique Prom, we have a wide variety of dresses for every body type. Halter dresses and gowns with straps are perfect for ladies with a fuller bust. Another great trick is to choose a short, cocktail length dress; this will draw attention to your gorgeous long legs and make your figure appear more proportional.

Shop These Styles for Busty Body Types

Next, when considering the perfect prom dress choosing the right color for your dress can also be a challenge. Why do certain colors look all too fab and others so, so drab? The key to dressing like a fabulous formal fashionista is wearing colors that complement your skin tone. With a few simple tips you’ll be on your way to your perfect prom dress shade!

Spring Complexions – Ladies with spring complexions have warm golden or peach undertones. They generally have neutral blonde, light brown, or strawberry blonde hair with blue or green eyes. Springs can rock warm tone prom dresses in colors like bold true reds, peach, bronze, and gold. Greens are also an amazing choice. Try to avoid dark, dull shades like navy blue or grey as well as black or white gowns. Try these show-stopping Unique Prom Choices:

Summer Complexions – Summer complexions have pink undertones. Summer ladies have light colored eyes and tend to be natural blondes or dark brunettes. Pick a prom dress in a light pastel shade or a soft neutral color with rose and blue undertones. Lavender, plum, silver, and eggshell blue are to die for while colors like black and orange should be avoided. Try these amazing Unique Prom options:

Autumn Complexions – UV Prom darlings with autumn complexions have warm golden or reddish undertones. Many redheads and brunettes with golden brown eyes tend to have an autumn complexion. Prom dresses in warm hues like champagne, ivory, gold, orange, and rich brown are the most flattering, while bright colors, stark white, and true black should be avoided since they can accentuate the yellow skin tones. Try these Unique Prom options:

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